Artwork & Graphic Design

We have our own in-house artwork studio to create unique images for each machine at no extra cost to you, or you can choose from our huge selection of pre-designed artwork.  You can choose from a vertical or horizontal layout, or mix and match your coin designs at no extra cost.
It's easy to submit your artwork by email or visit with our art department staff to choose your images.
We can work with any type of artwork – camera ready, clip art, business cards, photographs, etc.  We do not charge additional fees for artwork needing to be re-created for engraving.
Our in-house art department is ready to help you create a coin specific to your location.  And our technical staff can complete the die work in our shop in a matter of days, not weeks.

Additional Die Rollers
A special event coming up, moving your penny press to a new location, or just want to change to new images? Additional die rollers are available.
Just submit your design or thoughts and our art department will assist you.
Each die roller comes with the new sign for the penny press display and a new line up disk for your customers to use in selecting the image they want.

Cabinet Finishes
We are glad to provide additional finish colors when possible.
Please visit with our staff to discuss your needs. 

Penny Press Machines For Sale