Compact Penny Press Cabinet
in our Provential Finish

Compact Penny Press Cabinet in our Honey Finish

Classic Penny Press Cabinet
in our Provential Finish

Penny Press Cabinet

All of our Penny Presses Feature:

Turns U.S. pennies into elongated souvenir coins

Your choice of three cabinet styles - pick the one that best fits your location

Custom signs displaying the coin designs

Adjustable vend price from 25 cents to $1.00

Unlimited earning potential

High capacity cash box

Low maintenance

Lighted signs on the Classic style cabinets.

Classic Penny Press Cabinet
in our Honey Finish

It's Legal! – U.S. Code Title 18, Chapter 17, Section 331:  Prohibits among other things, fraudulent alteration and mutilation of coins.  This statute does not, however, prohibit the mutilation of coins if done without fraudulent intent or if the mutilated coins are not used fraudulently

Our penny press machine is a time tested and proven way to add interest to your site while making money. We realize that "down time" means money lost. We build our machines to keep you "up and running" with a minimum of maintenance and upkeep. 

Coin Crafters & Engravers offers its penny press machines (also known as elongated coin machines and souvenir presses) for sale. Purchasing a coin press machine allows you to realize unlimited earning potential without splitting the income.  Our experienced staff can help you add to your profits. 

Penny Press Machines

Penny Press Machines are a specialty of Coin Crafters & Engravers

All our Penny Presses give you the option of three or four images
in your choice of three cabinet styles.

Custom images are included - no extra charge.

EASY OPERATION - Your customer merely selects the design they want to purchase, inserts two (or more) quarters and one penny, and turns the handle five times - and out drops their elongated penny souvenir.

Penny Press Machines For Sale