Uncle Sam

"Shake Hands with Uncle Sam" to find out the strength of your personality.  
A beautiful replica of one of the most attractive coin machines ever made.


25¢ play

Customer squeezed Uncle Sam's out-stretched hand to start play

Lights rotate and a clicking sound is heard before Your Personality in indicated on the dial

Classic oak cabinet

Attractive, hand-painted body

Overall dimensions:  21" wide, 13" deep, 77" tall


Grandmother Prediction is a quality reproduction, proven to attract your visitors.


Grandmother's head and arms move

Cabinet is classic oak style

Machine vends luck cards

Price includes 1,000 cards

Vintage Arcade Amusements for Sale

We are the manufacturer of quality reproductions of arcade machines from the early 20th century.

We are proud to offer you these vintage style attractions 
which have proven themselves profitable for more than half a century.
Our Vintage Arcade Amusements will complement our Penny Press Machines increasing your revenue.

Love Tester

For over 90 years the "Love Tester" has been entertaining young and old alike.  Our "Love Tester" is a quality reproduction of one of the earliest machines of this type.


25¢ play

Customer squeezes handle to start play

Light will randomly stop on one of ten descriptions

Classic oak cabinet Hand painted marquee

Reproduction of Original Backboard


Alexander Knows All  – Let him amuse your guests while guiding them on the path to success.  
A time tested attraction for your business.


25¢ play

Customer presses a large palm to start play

Alexander chooses one of ten professions

Classic oak cabinet

Hand-painted marquee

Reproduction of Original Backboard

Penny Press Machines For Sale